falsa loura 2009

Long Time: 105min Year: 1967 (IMDB - 6.6)
Release Date: 18 April 2008 (Brazil)
Alternative name: Fake Blond
Country: Brazil
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Description: In São Paulo, the gorgeous and sexy worker Silmara is a witty and smart leader of her colleagues and friends in the factory where she works. She proudly support her unemployed father Antero, who is an arsonist and cannot find a job after being released from prison, with her honest hard work. After hours, Silmara lives a world of fantasy where she rules her friends and worships the pop singer Bruno and the romantic Luís Ronaldo. When Antero finds a job with the powerful lawyer Dr. Vargas, he gives some money to Silmara to spend at Bruno's concert in Clube Alvorada. Silmara goes with her friends and meets Bruno after the show. They have a one night stand and Bruno invites her to travel with the band for a show in Itanhaém; meanwhile her father travels to São José dos Campos to work as gardener. When Silmara sees that a building has been maliciously burnt on TV, Silmara travels back home and finds the police chasing her father. Then she is invited as an escort service for Luis Ronaldo.
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