The Mudge Boy 2003

Long Time: 94min Year: 1998 (IMDB - 7.2)
Stars: Emile Hirsch, Richard Jenkins, Tom Guiry
Release Date: 2010 (Belgium)
Alternative name: Anyja fia
Country: USA
Genre: Crime, Drama, Romance
Description: Sensitive, somewhat effeminate farm-boy Duncan Mudge can barely cope with grim, since Ma's death even gloomier father Edgar's manly expectations, and seeks comfort in petting a chicken he associates with his late Ma. Macho mate Perry Foley, who has it physically even harder on his dad's farm, usually comforts Duncan and defends his 'wimpiness' to their cocky ruffian mates Travis, Scotty and Brent. But although clearly attracted to gentle gentile Ducan himself, the socially unacceptable suggestion of 'sissy' homosexuality makes Perry over-react and turn on his friend.
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Crime, Drama
Language - English
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The Mudge Boy 2003
Crime, Drama, Romance
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