Damonenbrut 2004

Long Time: 130min Year: 0 (IMDB - 2.8)
Stars: Thomas Riehn, Anja Gebel, Katja Bienert
Release Date: 1 November 2000 (Germany)
Alternative name: Demon Terror
Country: Germany
Genre: Adult, Adventure, Horror
Description: Fleeing away from the police, after a bank robbery which went wrong, a group of offenders decides to take refuge on a deserted island. The apparent tranquility of this place actually hides a horde of demonic creatures desperate to satisfy their cannibalism and carry out their mission: to impregnate women with the seed of the devil and enslave men. One after the other the criminals will be hunted down, abused, murdered and this island, which meant to be a peaceful refuge, will ended up like their tomb.
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