Karina, Objeto do Prazer 1981

Long Time: 80min Year: 0 (IMDB - 5.4)
Stars: Angelina Muniz, Rosina Malbouisson, Luigi Picchi
Country: Brazil
Genre: Drama
Description: Maria do Carmo is a young woman and daughter of a fisherman who sells her to the crook Rufino Xavier Monteiro. He subsequently changes her name to Karina and prostitutes her. Another crook, Lucas, unsuccessfully tries to convince Karina to leave Rufino and live with him on his farm. One day, Rufino plays poker with Lucas and two other players and without money, he bets Karina and loses the game. Karina refuses to go with Lucas, and Rufino beats her up. Karina gets a revolver in the drawer and kills Rufino. Karina is sent to jail but the court-appointed lawyer Sheila becomes her legal guardianship.
brown bunny 2003
Language - English